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SUBARU 3D Badge Sticker

USD $8.50 ~ 20.50

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Product details

★Shipping to other countries -Express delivery by international EMS

★Shipping to Hong Kong -SF express delivery

Vehicle models vary by region.

Please actually measure the width of the badge, excluding the outer frame.

  front rear
2014-2021 Levorg (VM) /WRX (VA)/STI (EJ) 12.6 12
2014-2017 Forester (SJ) 14.6 14
2017-2018 Forester (SJ) 14 14
2019+ Forester (SK) 14.6 12.6
2022+ Forester (SK) 17 12.6
2013-2017 Impreza /XV  (GP) 14 12
2018-2022 Impreza /XV  (GT) 12.6 12
2015-2021 Outback 14.6 12.6
2022+ BRZ 12.6 12
2023+ WRX (VB) 12.6 12
2023+ WRX wagon (VN) 12.6 12.6
2022+ Outback 17 12.6
2023+ Crosstrek 14.6 12

★Only sold color-changing stickers does not contain the original badge.

★3M casting film/protective film, high-quality output, slightly embossed on the surface, 3M reflective 3D six-star fit!

★The steering wheel is marked with a 3D mark on the whole surface, which is slightly different from the front and rear badges.

★The sticker does not shrink or fade, has the function of air conduction, 3-5 years durability!


※There is a chromatic aberration in the color of the screen, which is mainly based on the actual product.

※This badge change sticker is only suitable for the original factory logo, the outline badge is not suitable!

SUBARU 3D Badge Sticker

USD $8.50 ~ 20.50


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